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發佈日期 : 2017-11-10
11月13日 9:45 展覽作為物件
11月14日 9:45 物件的展出
11月15日 9:45 展陳佈景:一則實例分析
Thierry Leviez is based in Paris, France. He has a MA in Economics and attended the Curatorial Program at Le Magasin National Center for Contemporary Arts. Since 2013 he is the curator of the Toulouse International Art Festival, an annual contemporary art festival that includes monographic exhibitions of international artists held in seven historical venues of the city center. Over the two first editions of the festival in May 2013 and 2014, Leviez curated exhibitions like “Kiki, Seton and Tony Smith: a family of artists” (Les Abattoirs museum for modern and contemporary art, 2013), the first retrospective in France of Swiss artist Franz Gertsch (Les Abattoirs, 2014), solo exhibitions of artists like Julian Rosefeldt (2013), Manon de Boer (2014), Susan Hiller (2014), and Thomas Huber (2014). In 2014 he curated and fundraised the major commission of Jorge Pardo at Les Augustins (Toulouse museum for ancient art), a new permanent display for the collection of Roman art. He was the artistic director of the 2007 edition of the festival Printemps de Septembre in Toulouse; associate curator of Expérience #8 at domaine Pommery in Reims (2010); curator of a touring exhibition in Ecuador (Centro Cultural Metropolitano) and Uruguay (MNAV) with the support of Institut Français (2010). He independently curated exhibitions with younger artists in Paris, as well as the first edition of the artist residency “Suddenly” (2010).