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As an academic unit focusing on contemporary art practice, our institute adopts tutorial style teaching methods that emphasize one-to-one contact between instructor and student to tap students’ potential. Our students are also inspired to learn about the concepts of Chinese and Western art, so that they can combine both ancient and modern styles and ideas as well as knowledge of both Chinese and Western work to enable them to develop their unique comprehension of art. 
Our students have participated in several important exhibitions, and have won a number of very prestigious awards and grants. They play an important role in both the domestic and international communities of contemporary art. 
Degree conferred upon program completion:M.F.A.
Graduation requirements:Number of credits required for graduation: 60 credits.
Special Features: 
1. Adopting ungrouped and diverse training methods
2. Developing theoretical, conceptual and practical creative competencies
3. Unlocking students’ potential and developing humanistic and critical thinking skills
4. Improving interdisciplinary collaboration
5. Introducing students to the potential of new technologies
Faculty and Curriculum:
Our faculty specialize in several research areas, including painting, sculpture, installation art, audio-visual art, mixed-media, new media art, and interdisciplinary arts. While practice-oriented and complemented with theories, our curriculum aims to help develop a wider world view, on both a local and an international level. Our work is complemented by an array of visiting artists, curators and scholars who provide additional perspectives for students. We also organize workshops and invite distinguished scholars and experts to give lectures periodically. 
For first-year and second-year students on our program, one studio measuring 33m2 is provided for every two students. Three rooms of 66m2 are reserved for students to have access for both creation and exhibition purposes. The Institute is equipped with computer classrooms, engraving classrooms, darkrooms, a photography studio and a large sculpture factory.
1. Cultivate talents in contemporary art practice with strong humanistic spirit and wide international views
2. Build a diverse, compatible, free and open environment for creation
3. Develop interdisciplinary learning, explore new media art and using new materials for the preparation of future art trends